The Addictions Academy Reviews

The Addictions Academy offers 30 plus classes with over 25 teachers and in 5 languages. We are the largest online addictions certification school in the world and have trained over 7000 students in almost 7 years. That is pretty impressive and our students are super successful in what they do moving forward. A few quick facts about The Addictions Academy that you didn’t know.

  1. Once you buy a class you can take it again, at any time for life. That is correct. Any time, again, for life. We want you to feel that you know the material and understand what we teach and feel comfortable in your new role.  So whether you jump into our online virtual classroom classes or take our live in-person classes, we have your back.
  2. We help you market. Our Business Mentorship Program is available to help you get your feet off the ground and start gaining clients. We offer mentorship programs, job boards, marketing groups and more for you to learn about other places and gain clients.
  3. We provide you with a logo and seal that you can display on all of your marketing materials that shows you are part of our student group, the largest in the world.
  4. We showcase your accomplishments. If you are in the news or make a big leap we will post it on our social media and showcase what you are up to. This helps you gain credibility in the addiction recovery industry and also assists you in getting your name out there.
  5. We offer supervision after your class is over, for 10 full weeks. It is included not extra in your purchase and we are the only addiction school to offer you supervision with a trained faculty member that can assist you with your clients. If you don’t have clients yet, we will also help you by going over clients that others have on the call and sometimes hearing what others are doing will help you understand how certain clients think and how you can assist them in the long run.